Groups & Workshops

Upcoming Groups and Workshops

  • Mon, Nov 05
    Birch Counseling
    Parent Support Workshop for Parents of Tweens Who Receive Mental Health Services (Ages 10-13)
    We all remember what middle school was like- and many of us cringe at those memories. Puberty. Changing social dynamics. More autonomy. For Tweens struggling with mental health difficulties, there's an added layer of stress and struggle. This workshop is for parents working to support their Tween.
  • Mon, Oct 08
    Art Therapy Institute
    Support Group for Parents of LGBTQIA+ Youth
    Join us quarterly to meet with other parents of LGBTQIA+ youth. This is a space to find support, ask questions, and gather resources.  This is a Free event.
  • Mon, Oct 01
    Birch Counseling
    Parent Support Workshop: For Parents of Teens who Receive Mental Health Services
    Parenting a teen in therapy can be difficult and confusing. This educational workshop gives parents important information on teen development and strategies to improve communication and support your teen's mental health needs.

Training for Professionals

We offer training for mental health professionals, schools, art therapists, churches, and more! 

Topics Include:

 Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth and Families

Gender 101: Understanding and Supporting Gender Diversity

Art Therapy and the LGBTQIA+ Community

Complex Trauma in Kids and Adolescents

Contact us to discuss your specific needs. 


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