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Fees & Insurance

Fees & Insurance

What to Expect

Most sessions are 50-minutes long. Frequency of sessions is determined

based on your needs and goals. Often, weekly sessions are the most effective for

helping you or your child reach your goals. 


We are an in-network provider with most Blue Cross Blue Shield plans except for

Blue Local and Blue Value plans. We are also in-network with Aetna. If you have a different insurance plan, we provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance for out-of-network benefits. This works well for 

many of our clients.


Our fees are consistent with other professionals in the area. Please call us for more information about fees. 

We also offer a reduced fee based on financial need. 


We accept payment for services by cash, credit card, or check, and collect payment at the time of session. We have a 24-hour-cancellation policy and charge the full fee of the session if an appointment is missed without 24-hour notice. 

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