LGBTQ+ Support

People who identify at various places along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum need safe spaces for support. You need a space where you can own and explore your identity in the ways that feel true for you. We value you as the expert on who you are, and see our role as being affirming, supportive, and safe for your process. 

We know the realities of the stress and distress systemic injustice and oppression create for the LGBTQIA+ community, and hold awareness of this in our work with you. We follow a gender affirming approach to supporting transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, and/or gender non-conforming youth and adults. We offer support navigating transition, and seek to help you clarify your needs and reach your goals within the transition process.


We also offer support to parents of LGBTQIA+ youth through offering workshops and a parent support group.  

Both Sarah and Meg are queer-identified therapists, and offer support to LGBTQIA+ folks.


Meg's Office:

3325 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd.

Suite 205

Durham, NC 27707


Tel: 919-813-0218

Fax: 877-823-9464

Sarah's Office:

3622 Lyckan Pkwy.

Suite 6005

Durham, NC 27707


Tel: (919) 808-2840

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