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Meet Meg

Maybe you are a parent looking for support for your teen or child. Or maybe you are a young adult and you have decided it is time to do the work to move on from a trauma you’ve experienced. Maybe you identify as LGBTQIA+, and you need an affirming and supportive space to explore identity and next steps in your life. You’re looking for something a little different- more than just talk therapy in a space that is safe, validating, and conscious.


Meg offers Art Therapy, EMDR, parent support and education, SMART (Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment), and other types of counseling to help clients learn skills to manage difficult experiences, process trauma, and explore who they are. She uses a wide range of tools in her work, including all kinds of art materials, some very cozy beanbags, weighted blankets, and even a mini trampoline to create an approach that integrates verbal and non-verbal methods of learning and processing.

Meet Sarah

You want to feel more agency in your life to make decisions, be free of anxiety and depression, and to build healthy, connected relationships. You want fulfillment, to feel more authentically aligned with self, and to be able to call upon your values to make decisions in your life and relationships.  


I understand the ways in which trauma, pain, and distress lead to suffering and blocked goals.


With over 10 years as a mental health professional and a deep commitment to my own healing and growth, I offer a space for therapeutic work that is both well-informed by research and training, and personally connected.

I am a safe practitioner for LGBTQIA+ clients, and use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance-based therapies, and Cognitive Processing Therapy in my work. I offer therapy in both English and Spanish, and am welcoming of clients of all racial and cultural backgrounds.

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